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First Choice Inspection Group, Inc., established in 2005, as an LLP business corporation, serving owners of real-estate and commercial investors. Due to the down-turn of the economy, the former owner ceased business operations as First Choice Inspection Group, LLP.
In October, 2010, Elena Farinas acquired the corporation.  In response to the increasing educational needs and a rapidly growing poverty and illiteracy among the poor, Elena launched 7 online training schools consisting of seven individual websites. These websites are affiliated with, Virtual University, Austin, Texas, a pioneer in online training school since 1997, they provide the course subject topics, domains names, registered in the State of Hawaii, USA. 
Elena Farinas, Founder of First Choice Inspection, Inc. made the conversion from LLP to non profit Incorporation on July 5, 2011, in the State of Hawaii, then filed an application for Internal Revenue Service, 501(c)(3) as a non profit organization.  On July 20, 2012, the full status of
501(c)(3) code of non-profit organization was approved. 

First Choice Inspection Group, Inc. dba: Free Help Education is a 501 (c) (3)  non profit organization.  Our mission and objectives reflects high standard of service with staff, board members and volunteers act with honesty, integrity and opennes in all their deaings as representatives of the organization. The organization promotes a working environment that values respect, fairness and integrity.

FCIG,INC. has a clearly stated mission and purpose approved by its Board of Directors.  All of First Choice Inspection Group, Inc. and dba(s) trade names programs  designed   carried out to support our mission which are:

First Choice Inspection Group, Inc/Free Help Education Non Profit Organization purpose are to teach under privileged people, seniors citizens, youths, people, men, women regardless of race, creed or origin, of the United States.  Through the Internet technology would reach  people in poverty to train them to become computer literate.  To give youths the platform to share their technological knowledge and inspire them through community involvement and making a difference.

Computer learning lab Center and Online Training school is a place where poor men and women, shall  have a place to learn computer skills, required to compete in the job market.  They will learn to write their resume, learn job interviews skills.  Free Help Education online training offers several subjects topics, including reading, and math course. There are many other subjects topics offered to improve their knowledge required for employment. Adult seniors to improve their life enrichment, will improve safe health well being for the seniors adults through creative arts providing them videos classes, computer training for safety, e-learning education, technology based approaches.

Seniors shall learn how to send emails and communicate with their friends, families, reduce the cost of phone bills, search the internet for specific medical  symptoms, be able to better discuss with their doctors. Seniors knowledge of the computer internet technology will teach them to reach out to  federal and state authorities to report elder- care or family abusive behaviors.
Free Help Education Non Profit Organization, a  non profit charity organization confront many challenges to generate funding  to start a  Computer Learning Lab, where less fortunate shall come to physically use the computer to learn  new trade or  complete their  employment application forms.  

We  ask on the generosity of friends to open their  HEART to donate for the creation of Computer Learning Lab Center.




Free Help Education Non Profit Organization - A division of First Choice Inspection Group, Inc. provide FREE Online Training for the under privileged people and to the Military Servicemen,  Women and Veterans

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